EL GATO Lab at the University of Connecticut

Tools and Resources


BIISQVersion 1.0.0

Bayesian nonparametric discovery of Isoforms and Individual Specific Quantification with BIISQ.

HapCompassVersion 0.8.2

HapCompass - fast cycle basis algorithms for accurate diploid and polyploid haplotype assembly.

TractatusVersion 0.0.1

Tractatus - an exact and subquadratic algorithm for inferring identity-by-descent multi-shared haplotype tracts.

Code for Nematostella vectensis reference transcriptomeVersion 1.0.0

A quantitative reference transcriptome for Nematostella vectensis earlyembryonic development - a pipeline for de novo assembly in emergingmodel systems.

DELISHUSVersion 0.1.0

DELISHUS - an e cient and exact algorithm for genome-wide detection of deletion polymorphism in autism.

CYRENEVersion 1.0.0

CYRENE cis-Regulatory Genome Browser.