EL GATO Lab at the University of Connecticut


Our team includes graduate, undergraduate, and even high school researchers! Find our current lab members and alumni below.


Derek Aguiar Derek Aguiar PI
Chandra Dronavajjala Chandra Dronavajjala Ph.D. Student
Jieren Deng Jieren Deng Ph.D. Student
Kingsley Udeh Kingsley Udeh Ph.D. Student
Marjan Hosseini Marjan Hosseini Ph.D. Student
Jackie Ramirez Jackie Ramirez Masters Student
Sybille L├ęgitime Sybille L├ęgitime Masters Student
Nicolas Galindo Carvajal Nicolas Galindo Carvajal Undergraduate Researcher
Venkata Patchigolla Venkata Patchigolla Undergraduate Researcher
Vikesh Chinta Vikesh Chinta Undergraduate Researcher
Aaron Palmer Aaron Palmer Ph.D. Student Collaborator
Piyush Shrivastav Piyush Shrivastav Ph.D. Student Collaborator
Jasper Jasper Devil
Sadie Sadie Good girl
Zoe Zoe Good girl


Devin McConnell Devin McConnell Masters Student
Kaustubh Prabhu Kaustubh Prabhu Masters Student
Shariq Khan Shariq Khan Masters Student
Berk Alpay Berk Alpay Undergraduate Researcher
James Zhu James Zhu Undergraduate Researcher
Rachel Ha Rachel Ha High School Reseacher
Dongping Zhu Dongping Zhu Ph.D. Student Collaborator
Linus Linus Good boy